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European Nightcrawlers as a compost worm

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Europeans are actually red worms by classification

I am often asked the practical difference between Euro’s and red wigglers when it come to composting. There are some differences between the Euro and the red wiggler, but the Euro is in-fact a decent compost worm as long as a few things are understood about it. Continue reading “European Nightcrawlers as a compost worm” »

So what February got to do with gardening?

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Well February is almost gone and I have not even got started on the spring gardening chores. Why am I concerned with the garden so early, because when march comes things can get real busy trying to get it all together.

There is lots to go ahead and get done.

  • Lay out a garden plan
  • Check seed inventory and order seeds
  • Get prepared to start seeds indoors
  • Check tools and other equipment including irrigation system for good working condition
  • Think about improving garden by adding a simple and efficient drip irrigation system or adding a raised bed
  • Check progress of compost bins and worm bins manage them so that you have good compost for spring
  • Woody plants such as apple trees, grape vines, and rose bushes need to be pruned
  • Have fun and get excited about the coming of spring!

Worms and gardening. How to use worms and their compost to grow flowers and vegetables.

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

huge red strawberries

Strawberries from the Worms Etc garden 2009

Tips on vermi-gardening
Vermi-gardening is gardening using the help of worms.

The first year of a garden

Soils in areas that have never been worked before seldom have the qualities needed to grow domesticated plants and vegetables. Although soil in a particular area may be covered in grasses and other naturally occurring flora, modern plant breeds have been selected over the years for varieties that produce the highest yields. These plants can only meet their potential when rooted in a soil that meets certain conditions. Continue reading “Worms and gardening. How to use worms and their compost to grow flowers and vegetables.” »

Why worms?

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

Ok so I when I tell people that I am into worms I never know what to expect. Some people don’t question it at all or say something like “Yeah, I have heard of people doing that,” but other times I get these weird looks, blank stares, head scratching responses that say, “I don’t get it.” Those are actually my favorite, because then I get to tell them “Why worms?” Continue reading “Why worms?” »