Make your thumb a little greener.

Written by Matthew on May 23rd, 2013

Having a green thumb doesn’t come via a special gardening gene. Anyone including you can have a green thumb. Although it does take some time, effort and experience, with time you can learn to have the most beautiful garden or houseplants around. Here are some tips to get you started.

Worm castings as and compost are full of organic matter which plants love. Organic matter hold nutrients and releases them slowly as the plants need them. Furthermore they keep the soil loose and retain moisture. Twice a year add worm compost to your plants. Simply add a 1/4 inch layer on top of the soil around the plants. Within a few years you will have some very rich soil.

Water, but don’t drown. It is a good idea to water outdoor plants deeply and less frequently, than to water lightly often. This encourages roots to go deep. Also watering in the morning is best since it gives the leaves a chance to dry rather than staying wet all night which can encourage leaf diseases.

Don’t give up and experiment around. Try different varieties of whatever you are growing and see which one grows best in your area.

What other suggestions can you offer? Please leave you comments and suggestions.


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