Worms can learn sign language!

Written by Matthew on April 1st, 2013

WORMS CAN LEARN SIGN LANGUAGE!!! It took two years training, four hours a day, but I have finally taught a European Red Worm sign language. European red worms are considered to be the smartest of all worms. Some have had IQ’s tested at 60 points. That put the European red worm on the same level as some dolphins. After realizing this I decided I would train a worm a few simple phrases in sign language. (Realizing worms couldn’t make sounds with their mouths, this seemed the most reasonable method of communication) I started with a simple greeting and then I would give the worm a treat, a single coffee ground. (this is one of the worms favorite foods) After just two weeks the worm would meet me at the same time every day. Then I proceeded to teach the worm how to say APRIL FOOLS!!!


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