Worms multiplying fast, despite the hot summer. A question on ants

Written by Matthew on June 28th, 2012

Even though we have had terrible weather, hot then cold, dry then soaking wet, the worms are multiplying well. Red wiggler worms are very tough and this just goes to prove it. Today it is over a hundred, but the worms are still eating away and multiplying even in the heat. Now the worms are in a shade and have adequate water. This water helps keep them cool as the water evaporates off of the top of the beds.

Summer time often brings lots of ants. I have had several people recenlty ask me what I do to keep ants out of the red worm beds. I really don’t do anything, the ants just don’t seem to like my worm beds. I think this is because I keep the top of the worm beds wet. Ants don’t really seem to like getting wet.


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