Red Wiggler Worms and Water

Written by Matthew on July 25th, 2011

I always thought that red wigglers would drown if the substrate or bedding was really wet, but I have found that this is not necessarily the case. Although they certainly can drown in too much moisture the level of water which they can handle is very high. While checking on my beds I found a certain spot that the sprinklers were watering much more than the rest of the beds and when I checked to see if how the worms were in this spot they were just hundreds of them bunched up. They were also some of the largest worms I had seen. This spot was so wet that the substrate was almost like pudding or a very wet mud. The thing is that they don’t lay may eggs when it is this wet and that it is impossible to harvest them from such wet bedding.

The thing here I guess is to know that if you want some really big wigglers for fishing, don’t be afraid to wet them down. Just be sure that you have good drainage, because the standing water can cause problems.


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  1. nicholas georgiades says:

    i have a rain water barrel that for some reason has tens of thousands of very small red worms.about one inch or so long in many they cloud the water.I believe that they had accumulated in a bunch of leaves on the roof and then washed off into the barrel durring a heavy rain.If that sounds possible .I dont have any other ideas how they might have ended up there.they were very alive when I found them.should i dump the barrel over ?will they find thier way outor will they die?just wondering, sarasota is really wet right now.never herd of or seen anything like it.

  2. Matthew says:

    I am not sure what type of worms these could be. Some worms will drown in water like you described. I would say yes dump the barrel over.

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