Can-O-Worms Composter System Review and Instructions

Written by Matthew on January 25th, 2011
can o worms composter

can o worms

The Can-O-Worms composting system is a well made stack-able tray worm composter. It is made out of sturdy thick black plastic and all the pieces fit together well. It comes with a very complete and informative set of instructions. Can O Worms Instructions The lid is extremely tight fitting and worms are very unlikely to escape. The Base is well designed and includes a tap to drain off any excess liquids.

The manufacturer did a great job thinking the system out. They included everything you need to vermicompost with the Can-O-Worms except the worms. They send you knowledge, bedding, the bin and even thought to have the packaging double as a temporary cover for the tray holes on the first level.

As I have often stated, worms do not need a mansion to live in, however if you are serious about vermicomposting and want a high quality composter system for your worms to produce lots of high quality vermicompost, then this is the system for you.

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  1. Ann Phillips says:

    According to some opinions the use of the Liquid Fertilizer (worm wee, of leachate)can be hazardous to plants and only the worm tea made from steeping the castings in water and diluted or the castings dug into the soil should be used. I have owned a Can-o-worms for some years now and would like your opinion. Can the liquid wee be toxic

  2. Matthew says:

    If the worm tea sits too long in the bottom tray and becomes anaerobic then it can contain pathogens that can harm plants. This can be determined by smell. Worm tea should not have any unpleasant smell to it, If it does then it may have spoiled.

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