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Written by Matthew on January 22nd, 2011
Hoophouse for worms

Greenhouse Construction Underway

One of the major reasons I got into worm farming is my passion for farming and in particular my love for gardening. For many years now I have kept a garden and enjoy gardening very much. I will admit to my slackness in removing weeds in the past, but fortunately I have learned techniques that prevent weeds from even growing in the first place. I never imagined that I would be able to sell enough worms to make a living and started the worm farm thinking that composting would be my number one profit maker. However because of increased environmental awareness, composting worm sales are really strong. I guess that it would be possible to only sell worms and be quite successful. However that is not my end aim and my passion for growing plants dictates that I develop a line of products that will help everyone grow the best plants possible at their own homes.

As posted on the website I am building a large greenhouse like shelter that will be used to grow worms in, but I am going to set aside a fair sized portion of the building for research into growing plants, fruits, and vegetables. The end aim of this research will be to produce the best line of potting soils and soil amendments available anywhere. These products will all use worm castings and revolve around worm castings’ ability to bolster plant growth and health.

While we already sell castings online and some potting soil, I am really excited about selling on a large scale. Its a great product and our continuous research is sure to make it better.


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  1. Chuck says:

    Very nice hoop house Matthew.I have been doing a lot of research myself on this lately.It look as though you are on the right track,congrats.


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