Building greenhouses for red wiggler worms.

Written by Matthew on December 29th, 2010
Greenhouse hoop house construction

First hoop is raised on newly graded soil

Hoop style greenhouses are an excellent investment for many gardeners and are easy to construct. I have started putting up a large hoop house to keep the red wiggler worms warm during the winter months. Also it will be covered with shade cloth during the summer and a misting system will be installed to keep them cool during our hot summer months here in South Carolina. The greenhouse will be 26′ X 48′.

In addition to housing the red worms, I am planning on using the overhead space to grow plants. The worms do not require the light and the plants can make use of it. Also the thermal mass of the plants (ie. heat holding ability) should keep the greenhouse temperatures stable. The plants will be grown using our very own potting mixes and will help to showcase the superiority of worm castings as a fertilizer over synthetic fertilizers. Our potting mixes will be available for sale starting in the spring 😉

In coming post I will show the basics in constructing a hoop house and why every gardener should have one.

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  1. kyle says:

    I look forward to your upcoming post on construction of a hoop house. I’m always looking for ideas of how to keep my red worms cool in the hot Texas Summer months.

  2. Charles says:

    Well, umm. This is now Feb 2013 Has there been anything done?

  3. Matthew says:


    Sure thing. Look at this later post to see the greenhouse construction in final stages.

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