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Red Wiggler Composting Worms 1 Pound

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Red Wigglers are small worms with a BIG appetite
Red Wigglers are easy to keep alive
And come with guaranteed live delivery


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Red Wigglers

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Shipping Information.

We ship worms year round and always package the worms to arrive safe and sound. We also place a label on the box that gives the postman special instructions for the care of your package.

 We ship worms once a week on Monday. Most orders are delivered 2-3 days later on Wednesday or Thursday. We have found that Priority Mail is the best choice for shipping live worms and use it exclusively. You will receive an email with the delivery date and tracking number when your order ships. For more info see our full shipping policy here.


Red Wiggler Worms (Eisenia fetida)


Composting with red wigglers is rewarding and easy. You will need:

  • Container
  • Bedding
  • Worms
  • Food waste

A simple plastic container is all you need. A common size is one foot wide and two foot wide. An inexpensive ten gallon tote container makes a great super red worm bin. Add to the container a layer of bedding four to six inches deep. Coco coir peat is one of the best beddings available, but shredded newspaper, old leaves, old potting soil, and peat moss all will work. Make sure the bedding is moist but not saturated with water. Place the worms on top of the bedding and they will go down by themselves. Food and other organic waste can be burried into the bedding where the worms will compost them. To learn more read my vermiculture blog or order a copy of my book Super Red Worm Composting Guide.

We also sell a complete super red composting kit that included everything you need to start composting including a pound of super reds


Super reds are small worms, but even so are loved by fisherman and fish alike. If a larger worm is desired the European Red Worm is excellent for bait and also compost well.


Your business is very important to us, and we value you as our customer. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.


What our customers have to say:

Hi Matthew,
Thanks for the message. Yes it is in the 20"s here but the red wigglers arrived on Wednesday after spending the day in the cold outdoors with the postman. I received them later than I hoped but they seemed happy and healthy when I opened the box. I put them in the composter that I made with three 10 gallon plastic boxes and they disappeared into the brown colored medium that they arrived in. I guess that means that they are healthy thanks to your shipping expertise.

This is my first attempt at worm composting and I hope it is successful.
Thanks again for your prompt delivery.

Dave G  

Dear Matthew,
Our worms arrived Wednesday in perfect condition. On Thursday my mom (age 81) and I set up her worm box and put in the first load of garbage. I am very excited, and she is happy to not be wasting her food scraps. Thanks for the great service.
Yours truly,
Andrea A

I just wanted to thank you for the red wigglers.  They are the best I have ever seen.  Can't wait to get out fishing with them.  Arrived in excellent condition and are doing quite well in my worm bin.
Thanks again.
Jerry A. 

Matthew,  Service as good across the nation, as down the street?  Remarkable!
Thanks for the PDF of Can O Worms manual.  It is explicit, specific, detailed....just what I need.
Carol, San Jose CA

Hi there,
I just wanted to tell you that I received my order of 1 pound of European Night Crawlers and I was surprised how wonderful you packaged them and how they were all alive, healthy, and lively. I've bought worms in the past from other vendors and found entire shipments destroyed by poor packaging. Thank you very much for the worms. I will definitely recommend you to all my worm friends.


Just a note (sorry so late) to let you know that my order arrived on schedule with the worms healthy and happy.  Your new packaging is working just fine on this order.
They are in their new home and have a heathy appetite, eating any and all fruit and vegie scraps they we have.  So much so that I will have to move them to a new tray soon  in order to harvest my first production of castings.
Kathy N.

Hi Matthew,
Just wanted to let you know that the red wigglers arrived and the mailman placed them at my front door. all worms survived.
thanks again.

Mr. Wilson,
I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for providing a great product and level of service.  I recently purchased a small quantity of red wiggler composting worms via Amazon, and was pleasantly surprised by the speed of delivery, health and quantity of worms.  I’m not a regular purchaser of worms, but after a few bad experiences attempting to buy worms through the highly advertised ‘Uncle Jim’s’, I can say that your product stood head-and-shoulders above the small, dead piles of tiny worms I received multiple times from this supposedly ‘local’ worm farm.  I will do my best to recommend Worms Etc to anyone I can.  Keep up the great customer service!
Thanks again.
Tim S.
York, PA

After multiple problems with another highly advertised worm farm, I cried 'Uncle' and gave Worms Etc a try. I was thrilled with the speed and quality of the worms I received! I would highly recommend Worms Etc to anyone in the market for Red Wigglers. You'll get a more-than-fair quantity of healthy, well packaged worms for a very reasonable price.

PO called at 9 this morning, the worms are now wiggling their way throughout their new home, with some fresh food. Thanks, enjoy the Holiday weekend!

Got my red euros and they are wonderful and good hearty eaters!!!! Thank you.
Susan B.

Thanks Matthew,
The E. hortensis and foetida arrived in perfect condition.  Having purchased quite a few pounds of worms over the years from many others, I affirm these as by far the best conditioned worms I've ever recieved, from anywhere.  Keep up the good work!

Amazing!  The worms arrived yesterday at the thawing out (sort of) of the worst
winter storm I've seen in my 67 years.  They seem to be just fine but I don't know how.
The box showed they were shipped 1-29 and I got them 2-4.  Pretty hardy worms, I'd
Hopefully they are happy in their new barn.  They probably don't like the color of the
walls--a ugly puke green.
Thanks for your help.

Hi Matthew.
Just to let you know that the worms arrived safe and sound and on time. Great customer service! I'm really happy.
Thank you very much, Marcio.

Hi Matthew! Just wanted to send you a personal note to thank you for the red wigglers. Delivered right on time, all healthy, and they have found themselves a new home in my worm bin. Got plenty of garbage for them to eat. haha! Great product, fast shipping, and if I need any more, I will be sure to get in touch with you. Thanks again and take care, my friend! Brian


Subject: worm have arrived
I received my shipment of red wigglers today, they looked great, and ready to go to work. I have bin keeping red worms and Enc for about a year and a half. I would like  to thank you for the amount of worms I received. The two pounds I got is A ton of worms, the last time I ordered worms from some one else, I felt short changed. Not this time thanks for a job well done.         Jim

   I am new to composting and you are the second purchase of worms I contracted. Your item was very superior in number and size of the 1lb of red wiggliers that was delivered.
 Thank you. happy spring!!

I received the new pound of worms, and the bag was intact, with lots of nice-looking worms inside.  Thanks for your great customer service!  I will recommend WormsEtc. to people who ask where I got my worms.

Just wanted to let you know I received the worms in great condition. Thanks for such fast shipment.

Dear Mr Matthew WIlson:

I wanted to let you know that I received my two pounds of red wrigglers today.  I had them shipped to my office as I wanted them to be cool and comfortable.  I have just arrived home.  They were all in good shape.  I had already prepared a mix for them.  Over the past month I have shredded card board and black ink newspaper ( the ink is soy based) with shredded coconut husk, and have allowed cucumber peelings, tomato peelings to compost in this mix.  I am going to allow them to acclimate to their new home for a few days before adding small portions of food for them.  The are contained in a gusanto worm box.  They are in the first layer.  As they thrive and do their thing, I have two more trays I can add.  The compost is between 68 and 70 degrees, as they are to be kept in my kitchen.The pH of my compost is 7.0, and any water used in the system will be distilled, as my water supply has floride in it.  

I received my first order from you last week which had the incubator medium.  The worms in it are as happy as clams!.  I mixed it in with my compost to achieve the necessary microflora, before the two pound of worm arrived today.  I am going to take it slow and easy with these guys for the next four to six weeks.  And thanks for the worm poop that I ordered.  I have used it in my raised vegetable garden, and can already see a difference.

I will let you know how things proceed, and will gladly tell people about your web site, which I think is really fantastic!


G. Barrett

My worms arrived today and they all looked very healthy and are now happy in their new home. My children and I have raised red wigglers before and we had a lot of fun recycling our paper and veggie scraps into our worm farm. My friends thought we were crazy but I showed them a houseplant that was down to 2 leaves that we added worm castings to and gave it worm tea it then seemed to grow new leaves overnight and it even bloomed! So now all my gardening friends want to do it too!  It's a great way for us to compost year round also! Thank you for your great service and we will be ordering from you again in the future if and when we need more supplies. The worm chow is going to come in handy for when we don't have a lot of scraps.  Thanks again!
                                                                            Tina A

Thank You!
I just wanted you to know that your 'wigglers' are doing just fine!  They arrived in great shape in April and had already settled in and were eating two days later.  Though smallish, (by nature) fish slurp them right up.  They have been 'gunny-sacking' right regular and my containers are now full of the new little squirts growing like weeds!   I had 2 surprises, one was that they reproduce so rapidly and two, that they eat so much. And I do mean a LOT !  I do spoil them with fresh vegetable 'peels' and such by running the 'compost' through a blender first and then straining off the excess water.  Spoiled like this, it takes each box no more than 3 days to clean off the top and they are ready for more.  I thought I would be able to keep them well fed, but am now calling on my neighbors for 'scrap help'.  The only thing, so far, that I've found that they don't like are the 'strings' from corn husks. Not the husks, just the 'strings'.
Two things.  Do you have a suggestion as to getting them to both grow larger and to slow down on the reproduction.  I've even left a light on at night and shamed them in the daytime for what they were doing without benefit of clergy, but obviously the ones you sent me have absolutely no morals at all.
What is the best way, without hurting the little ones, to seperate the big uns' from the little uns' ?  Do you sell a flute, or a CD of some special music ?   Help !
Thanx !
A. Adams

My worms made it just fine!  I will certainly order my next batch from you.  The worms were nice and big & seemed very healthy, much better than another worm order from another company.  Thanks!

My red wigglers were shipped to me this saturday & I got them monday. You are a great seller w/ a great product, I wanted to let you know .

- siberbunny

Hi Matthew,

Well, our postman always gets here right around 11:00 am, of all days
he was 2 1/2 hours late and the temperature was 93.  I was fearing the
worst and was pleasantly surprised when I opened the bag and found
that the worms were alive and well. Thanks to your excellent
packaging they were not even dry.  I looked in the tray a few minutes
ago and they were moving everywhere and had already found food I had
in a couple of the corners.

You mention on your website that you want to give the best personal
service of any worm farm. Well you have made a believer out of me and
I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Thanks again Matthew for the professional way you handled my order.

Robert J.
Knoxville, Tn.


I received my order yesterday.  All the worms were healthy and active.  Just a note to let you know that I also received a two pound order of red worms from you in April, 2011.  They are doing great!  I have not had a single problem.  The red worms are breeding like crazy.  Great idea for handling egg shells.  I grind mine in a coffee grinder to the consistency of flour.  I sprinkle lightly on top of the worm bed once weekly along with ground veges and some of your worm food.  Within  24 hours everything is gone.  Their temperature is kept at 70 degrees F, pH is maintained at 7.0, and moisture is perfect.   I have loads of babies and worm capsules.  I thank your forum is excellent.  You are the only person I will order from.

Hopefully, in the future I would like to drop by and visit.  I will let you know far in advance.  Thanks for everything.

Wishing you and your family the best, and God Bless,

G. Barrett, M. D.

Hello Mattew, I received the worms today. They seem to be in good health. I was amazed at how many there is... They are in their new home with a little chow I also add some greens. Do you feed them only chow? If so they will have to learn to eat the scraps.
It has been a pleasure doing business with you love all the info you provide. Thank you so much for the great experience... S Fisher

Hey Matthew
I received my order of Red Wigglers and European Nightcrawlers.  I had researched on the internet and I chose to order from you.  One reason was that you ship in a bag within a cardboard box.  One person showed shipping in a bag with perishable on the bag.  I thought the worms needed more protection than that.  I received five emails from you keeping me informed all the way.  The worms arrived in excellent condition.  I am extremely pleased with the amount of worms you shipped.  There were way too many to count!  You surely operate a professional business and I will recommend you to anyone that wants to buy worms.
Thanks again

Got my second pound of e nightcrawlers yesterday. They were in great shape, fat and seem happy in there new home. My better half calls them Wammacks Wigglers. Lol. and is about to have a fit to try em on a hook. Also had a buddy of mine order some from you. Thanks again.

Hi Matthew...

Just a note to let you know, I took delivery of my order of

Red Wigglers & European Crawlers...they arrived in GREAT

condition and are in their carefully prepared 'homes'...

the RW were very lively and dissapeared quickly...the NC

took a little longer...but I believe they will be just as

happy. Your prices are VERY reasonable...I am trying to

get some of my friends to try it...I will definitely give

them your info for ordering...I'll let you know later how

they do...

Thank you,

Nancy F

Matthew you are to generous with worms and bedding/starter for the size container you recommend for the kit. I have them in a 13x8x6 clear plastic box with paper it is 4" high. That leaves about 2" "wiggle room", how do you like that play on words, lol  Seriously you could cut the worms, bedding and Worm Chow in half for a starter kit. I did not use the paper you packed them with, I am going to use the brown grocery bags and egg crates, seems like they are liking the bags I shredded up. The bags will go through my shredder.
When I added worms it looked like it was going to be wall to wall worms. I did not put very much paper on top several hours after putting in the container. I just checked and they are up in the paper.
Also did not know how much Worm Chow to put on top. I did not know I was going to get a bag the same size you sell so I ordered another one. I am thinking that is going to last a long time so I am concerned it may go bad so I am putting one in the freezer.
Something else to keep in mind, the container I used is clear so I doubt they would try to crawl up sides and get out.

I could not find any info on your site on making the worm tea. I started a small batch in a kitty litter container yesterday. Used a small fish aquarium set up with two very small air stones. This morning it has a nice foam on top which I have read is very good. Now, question is....how long will it be good before loosing it's potency.
Some say use it within 24 hours. If I use 1 cup per gal of my rain water I would have to water a ton of plants to use it up in 24 hours. Oh and I added a tablespoon of molasses to the water when starting.
Matthew you have a good thing going, I have bought castings before but no where near as good as yours.
Oh.....why did the worms die that was in the castings I bought?

Hope this helps for setting up your stater kits.


I am very satisfied with your service and  will be ordering more red wigglers in another week.
Marlon F .

hi matthew!
the pound o'worms arrived yesterday, as you said they would.  i had their new home all ready and waiting for them. they seemed fine; i had to pick many of them out of the little travel bag seams, where they had wiggled in. it's the first time (i'm 57) i've ever touched worms willingly- it was fine!
today i peeked and they are no longer on top of the bedding, they have burrowed in, so i think all is well, and they are adjusting to their new home.
how small does veggie matter have to  be cut up before feeding to the worms?
i am, so far, very pleased with your product, and especially with your communications, and your quality. thank you!
Jan M

It's your human, personal touch that has won me over to want to do business with you repeatedly.
I try to learn a little from as many sources as I can.
I note that at least a couple of fishing worm raisers recommend adding a little “shortening” from time to time.
You said avoid onion and garlic trimmings.
Another says, “If you want to avoid grubs, don’t add starches.”
Due to losing the entire population of a six by six compost bed, previously, I’ll now be very cautious and conservative at the beginning, and then, as population increases, will try new things in separate containers.
But, again, I like to do business with people who respond on a human, personal basis.
After being jerked around by automated telephone answering devices and FAQs, I go out of my way to AVOID businesses that work on such a basis.
You, I like  ( : > ).  So, you, I’ll trade with.

Got back from fishing trip to Palatka, Fl. on St Johns River bout 3 PM today. Worms were just rite and we caught over 300 Blue Gill, Shell Cracker and Bream. Nice size fish. Tks

Thanks so much for such great service and communication.
The worms, starter, and food all arrived in perfect shape. I wanted to see how these worms would come and they arrived alive and thriving. The best I've seen although, I'm just a beginner. I've looked forward to getting this project off the ground for a long time. I hope to have my garden in great shape this winter for our fall planting. I only have a half acre, but for south FL that is a lot of land!
You have just gained a long term customer. I placed my second order with you today!! I want to get my second bin going and look forward to buying from you again in the future as my needs arise.
L. Price

I received the worms a little while ago that were ordered from you on Thursday.  They arrived and were in incredible shape.   Nothing compared to the ones that were ordered from Uncle Jims a couple weeks ago.  I appreciate the care with which they were packed and shipped.   Thanks for your prompt service.  You can bet that when the need arises I will be ordering from you and recommending you to anyone that takes an interest in my composting.
Thanks Again

I want to thank you for a great experience.  The worms arrived last week Thursday and were transferred to my vermiposter that evening after I returned home from work.  I have checked on them a few times since then and they are thriving.  This is my initial foray into vermiposting and your group has gotten me off to a good start.  Thank you again and should I need additional supplies I will certainly look to you first.  In addition, if I know of anyone looking for worms or supplies I will send them your way.

Matthew my worms arrived this past Saturday and are now very much at home in their bedding. Your worms are large well sized and very healthy looking  . I will certainly re-order from you in the future. Congrats on an excellent job! Bill M>

Comment: Good morning Matthew,

Received my order yesterday, quality product,  delivered when promised, it is great to do business with a company that takes pride in what they do!

Bill H.
Knoxville, Tennessee

I received your worms weeks ago.  It was a hot day and I was worried that they'd been sitting in my mailbox too long, but when I unpacked the box, I was very impressed with how thoughtfully you'd packed them into breathable bags.  All was well and I let them out into my vegetable garden and my compost pile which was ready and waiting for them.  
I will order from you again because I like how you packed the worms.  I don't think any died.


Hi, Matthew!

Just wanted to let you know that the worms just arrived in perfect shape!  There may be a dead one, but I sure haven't found any!  They were pretty dry so I squirted them with a spray bottle of dechlorinated water and they hightailed it down into the safety of a nice little bed that I have prepared!  These will be raised for fishing...and if we can just find the perfect little aluminum boat to take us to all the lakes in Calif., i will put the worms to good use!  Thanks for sending them to me in perfect shape!

Be talking to you...


the red wigglers arrived today in great shape.  thank you for the fast delivery and great product.  i am a customer for life


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