Worms and Spring Fever

Written by Jo Lynch on March 9th, 2015

Spring is right around the corner and it couldn’t be soon enough!  Soon there will be green grass, leaves on the trees, blooming flowers, warmer weather and the list continues to no end.  For some of us it’s just the change of the seasons and we rarely give a second thought to all the factors that contribute to this amazing event.  Of course there are the major factors such as the pivot of Earth’s axis and Earth’s orbit in relation to the Sun, though common knowledge we never take the time to realize how complex of a process the seasonal change really is.  Out of sight, out of mind really holds true in our busy lives, how often do we think of what goes on in the background?  With family, children, work, television, extracurricular activities, hobbies, etc…we can loose sight of the world as it spins on by.  One may say, what does all this have to do with worms?

Lets consider just one factor that contributes to what makes spring possible.  Worms, yes worms!  Out of sight is an almost too perfect description for worms.  As you walk to your car on a daily basis, how often do you see that stray worm taking a leisurely stroll on the sidewalk or just lounging on that blade of grass having a cappuccino as you walk by?  I would venture to say never.  Hardly ever will we just run across a random worm out of the ground, but they are right below the surface doing what they do best.  Worms are Earth’s foremost authorities on the production of healthy soil.  From turning to naturally irrigating soil, worms are vital to the health of the soil they live in and this directly contributes to the health of the environment above ground.  Worms are nature’s recycling specialists and work to break down any organic matter that may be on the surface, from leaves to decomposing animals, bringing it down into the soil below.  As worms break down this organic matter they leave behind what is known as worm castings, a very potent fertilizer for the plants residing on the surface, thus making a complete circuit or circle in the process of life.

If you have ever ventured to garden or even just plant one flower or tree, healthy soil for the most part is easy to discern from lifeless soil.

Soil that is void of worms tends to be be compacted and barren to say the least:

But soil that has a healthy population of worms is not hard to miss:


As you can see in the pictures above, though they illustrate each point to the extreme, there is a very different appearance between the two.  Needless to say worms are so very important to the production of a healthy ecosystem and also to the season of spring!  Next time you walk outside, wether to get the mail, take a run, or to just sit on the front porch, take a moment and wonder at the marvel of all that is in the background of our busy lives.




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