What type of worm is this? Worm identification guide.

Written by Matthew on September 4th, 2013

Ever saw a worm and wondered “what type of worm is that? Over the next few weeks I will be completing a worm identification guide.

The following list will eventually be links going to pages about that type of worm.

Commercially grown worms

  • Eisenia fetida AKA: Red Wiggler Worm,Tiger Worm, Trout Worm
  • Eisenia andrei AKA: Red Wiggler Worm, Tiger Worm, Trout Worm (cannot be distinguished from E fetida without a microscope, as such they are considered by worm farmers to be the same)
  • Eisenia hortensis AKA: European Red Worm, European Red Worm, Red Worm, Jumbo Red, Dendrobaena veneta (Old scientific name) **Update now I think they changed this worms scientific name again. Eisenia venta is the new proper name best as I can tell. If you know for sure let me know.**
  • Amynthas gracilus AKA: Alabama Jumper, Pheretima Hawayana (Old scientific name)
  • Eudrilus eugeniae AKA: African Nightcrawler
  • Lumbricus terrestris AKA:Canadian Nightcrawler, Dew Worm
  • Perionyx excavatus AkA: (not readily available and many worm farmers consider it to be a pest)



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