The European Nightcrawler. How to identify Eisenia hortensis. AKA European Red Wiggler

Written by Matthew on September 16th, 2013

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The european red wiggler worm, Eisenia hortensis, formerly know as; Dendrobaena veneta is a red worm that averages 3-5″ long when full grown. The worms size depends largely upon the conditions that it is grown in. They average about 1.5 gram per worm (.05 ounce), but can weigh as much as 7 grams each (1/4 ounce).

Immature european nightcrawlers are commonly sold as red wigglers, but it is not the red wiggler worm. This causes some confusion when purchasing worms. Also the eruopean nightcrawler is commonly differentiated from the red wiggler by calling it the “big reds” and the red wiggler “little reds.” Both worms are technically red worms.

The european nightcrawler is a good composting worm. It is especially suited to composting fibrous materials.

Due to it’s larger size it is favored by fisherman. It does well in a garden and can survive with less organic matter than the red wiggler. It is also able to dig in semi compacted ground, but not very hard packed.
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