Gardening. It’s so healthy.

Written by Matthew on August 7th, 2013

Gardening has become so much fun for me in the past couple years that I can hardly get myself to do real work. It didn’t use to be this way though. My soil way hard clay and very compact. To do anything involved very hard work or using mechanized equipment. Then I became a worm farmer about 5 years ago when I started Worms Etc. I had often heard the compost was good for the soil and that worm compost was the best, but I didn’t really believe it I guess.

Then I put down a thick layer of worm castings over the garden and made raised beds. WOW, what a difference. Very few weeds and they come out so easy. I never do any tilling, I simply use a fork to loosen the soil before planting.

When you see the results of your effort come out of the ground and then on the table it is quite a rewarding experience. Oh so healthy too. Fresh vegetable and fruits are I think without question healthy and good for the body. Gardening is good for the mind and keeps you flexible and strong. Start gardening today.

You can plant something almost year round. Spring is the obvious time, but many thing do best planted in the fall.

Thanks for reading, Matthew.

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  1. I loved your post, especially how worm castings affect the weeds, beautiful pictures as well

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