Worms to Hong Kong

Written by Matthew on September 24th, 2012

Just in case you are worried that your worms may not make it in the mail ok, no worries at all. We ship worms all over the world without issues. We just shipped a box of worms to Hong Kong via USPS international mail and they arrived without a hitch or even a single worm dying.


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  1. Andrew Tse says:

    I am Andrew Tse from Hong Kong. I have been looking for worms in Hong Kong for vermicomposting .It has been futile for ~ 2 years. Import from Mainland China is not possible unless I buy it cross border and carry it through custom.I have tried nearby SE Asia countries eg Taiwan ,Singapore but I find no way for payment nor shipment.Luckily I come across Matthew’s Wormsetc Website and ask him whether he will sell worms to Hong Kong and he is very kind to sell worms over such great distance.Initially we are very
    worried about the heat in Hong Kong ( ~ 70 to 82 degrees ) . Last week he send the worms to me ( red wriggles And Euro Crawlers ) and over 7 days inclusively of transport and custom check, the worms all survive ,active and it is amazing to find no single mortality. Thanks a lot to his careful and dedicated preparation for shipment. For whoever planning to buy worms from Matthew, I share my personal experience with you and hope that you have trust in Matthew.

  2. Matthew says:

    Thanks Andrew Tse!

  3. Ken Fung says:

    I want to buy little wrom in hk for composting.
    How much we need to paid include transportation ?
    How long I can get after order ?
    Please adv the procedure. Thank .

  4. Yeni says:

    Hi, I want to buy 2 pounds of red wriggles worm and I am based in hk. Please let me know how to buy it as the shipping options you have are only for US area.

  5. Matthew says:

    Hello to all in Hong Kong wanting worms. We will gladly ship worms to Hong Kong and have had 100% success rate so far. However the shipping is expensive and I don’t guarantee the delivery. Express delivery is required to keep the worms alive. 2 pounds of worms weigh 4 pounds when packed for shipping. The postage is about $80. So the total for 2 pounds of worms is about $120

    Thank you all for you interest and let me know if you would like a shipment.

  6. Joey says:

    Hi Matthew, I would like to order some worms to ship to Hong Kong but the check out page wouldn’t allow “Hong Kong” in the shipping cost estimate box, can you please let me know how I should proceed? Many thanks


  7. Matthew says:


    The shipping is really high, but we can do it if you want. THe shipping is about $75 for 1-3 pounds of worms. We have shipped a fair number without any problems.

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