New building, again, for Worms Etc

Written by Matthew on November 26th, 2011

I am so excited, today I got a great deal on a green house. Can’t wait to construct it on the property, but I’m still finishing another greenhouse on the property as it is, but it was a good deal so I snatched it while I could. More room to grow worms in!


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  1. Tim Harmon says:

    Never thought of using a hoop house for this, must check craig’s list

  2. Matthew says:

    Yep all the time there are listing, but often you will see abandoned ones too. May stop and ask someone if you see one and see if they will sell it. Interesting website by the way. Looking at the pictures on your site your local to me. Many of them looked familiar.

  3. Tim Harmon says:

    Thanks, some of it is embarrassingly bad but I enjoy the things I do. I have an old cooler full of year old compost and paper shreds for my new worms when they get here, probably will end up on the web page along with my shiitake mushroom experiment.
    Thanks for the info on your site.

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