Worm castings, the best way to make a brown thumb green!

Written by Matthew on April 24th, 2010

What are the benefits of worm casting?

Worm castings, the all natural organic fertilizer

Worm castings are provably one of the best tools available to “Green your thumb.”

Take a look at the results that this amazing organic fertilizer can produce.


ChrysanthemumsPlants on left were grown with castings. Plants on right without. Only 10% castings added by weight was necessary to produce these results!

The largest improvement we often see by the addition of worm castings is in the root structure of plants. In the experiment the first picture shows there was an increase of 173.5% over plants grown without castings and again it only took 10% addition of castings to produce these results.

Even though worm castings are a very concentrated fertilizer and soil amendment, they will never burn your plants like synthetic based fertilizers will. Also worm castings provide all the micro-nutrients necessary for plant growth that cheaper fertilizers may not.

Its not just for your plants health!

For growing plants and vegetables the content of minerals in the soil does impact the mineral content of the produce. This was found by a study by Dr. Firman Bear. This is in total contradiction to the long held belief that all plants of the same type would all have the same mineral content. The implication to this is that, as the saying goes,“You are what you eat.”

Another study by Anne-Marie Mayer, which was released in the Brittish Food Journal indicates that;

  1. Mineral content of food is incredibly important for human health
  2. Mineral content of food has been steadily decreasing since the 1950’s as modern farming practices have depleted soil minerals
  3. As food quality continues to decrease an increase in health related issues may arise

The mineral content of worm castings is usually excellent but the best thing is that they are in an extremely soluble form. This allows the plants to uptake them in a quick manner thereby increasing the quality of the final produce.

Worm castings and flowers

worm castings effects upon flowers

As little as 5% worm castings added to plants can increase there vigor and flowering. Plants on left without. Plants on right with.

The effect that castings have upon flowers can be stunning to behold. Not only does the increased plant vigor make the plant look better but it can increase the plants resistance to disease. This is by allowing the plants own natural defenses to do what they were designed to do.

Professional horticulturalist and farmers recognize the value of castings.

Most of the largest worm growers don’t sell worms! Instead they only sell castings. Many times they will only have one client to whom they sell all the castings they produce. So yes even the pro’s recognize the value of this stuff. The reason castings are not more commonly used is because the demand is way higher than the supply. The good news is that there are plenty of room for production. Every year thousands of tons of poultry manure must be disposed of and is creating a huge headache for poultry producers. Worms can take a problem and turn it into black gold.

Why are castings so expensive?

Well my customers usually remark that my cost are better than others, but then also ask me why castings are so expensive. It is because they are so concentrated. It is quite interesting to keep putting food scraps and bedding into a box for weeks and weeks and it never fills up. The worms are quite great at turning heaps and heaps of scraps into a tiny pile of castings. A worm farmer I am friends with has been using the same beds for 10 years without removing any castings and his beds are only about a yard deep at the most. Quite amazing.

Worm Castings are great stuff

Try some today. Just a little goes a long way. Top dress your favorite plants or feed them with worm tea. Learn how to make worm tea in an upcoming blog.

Buy worm castings here

Thanks to Vermiculture Canada for the pictures.
Looking for a good site ion gardening? Look here www.alliancegardenclub.com


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  1. Kum Adema says:

    This is such a great post on earthworm castings. They are a great fertilizer for plants, plus you can bring back a sick plant as well. I get castings from a worm bin.

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