So what February got to do with gardening?

Written by Matthew on February 26th, 2010

Well February is almost gone and I have not even got started on the spring gardening chores. Why am I concerned with the garden so early, because when march comes things can get real busy trying to get it all together.

There is lots to go ahead and get done.

  • Lay out a garden plan
  • Check seed inventory and order seeds
  • Get prepared to start seeds indoors
  • Check tools and other equipment including irrigation system for good working condition
  • Think about improving garden by adding a simple and efficient drip irrigation system or adding a raised bed
  • Check progress of compost bins and worm bins manage them so that you have good compost for spring
  • Woody plants such as apple trees, grape vines, and rose bushes need to be pruned
  • Have fun and get excited about the coming of spring!


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