Spirit of a Worm Farmer

Written by Matthew on January 8th, 2010

Being a worm farmer requires a unique type of person. Some one who is resourceful and not afraid to try something new. Also one must not be afraid to be different because well being a worm farmer is a little different.

Flow Through Worm Bin Worms Etc

Worms Etc Flow Through Worm Bin

I have been a metal fabricator with my own shop for the past few years. It pays the bills and is quite an enjoyable way to make a living. I have no intent of quitting that anytime soon either, but since I enjoy keeping my own “mini-farm” and think that worms are fascinating, I decided to start a worm farm. Also I can now add a line of worm farming tools to my product line coming from my fabrication shop. I always love inventing new tools and machinery and since there is not all that much available in the worm farming trade I thought it an excellent opportunity.

What I did not realize going into worm farming is how challenging it would be. I am so glad that it is though because that is what I find so great about it. Every day there is something new to do, a new problem to solve, questions that need answering, a machine or tool that needs improving etc.

If I ever stop learning new things or if there are no new problems to solve then I will provably get bored and start looking for something new to do. Thankfully though I don’t see that day coming anytime soon.

Hmm, I am really wondering what causes this “protein poisoning” in worms. I think I am going to buy a good microscope on Ebay and see if I can figure this thing out. Should be interesting.

Matthew Wilson


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