Falling in love with the fallen fall leaves

Written by Matthew on November 1st, 2009

Pardon the pun but I personally leave my leaves where they fall in the fall. However many of my neighbors rake up their leaves and put the to the curb. It just makes my day day when I see this resource the others are giving up. I ask them I may have them and of course they are always glad to get rid of them quickly.

Brightly colored fall leaves

Leaves on our pond at Worms Etc

My worm bins are raised off the ground by about a foot. They are under cover of a roofed building but this building has open sides. So my bins need protection from the cold. These bagged leaves are perfect for this I just place the bags under the bottom of my bins and they both insulate and block drafts. In the spring when the insulation is no longer needed they get added to the top of the bins where the worms eat them.

I also know of a guy who piles the leaves up over their dog houses to provide insulation for them. In the spring he turns them into compost and then adds them to his garden later.

Bright fall leaves on pond water surface

Leaves on pond surface

Most anyone can get tons of this valuable resource for free. So just look around and also see if you can come up with some creative uses for the leaves.


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