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Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth

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Diatomaceous earth is an all natural bug killer and repellent. Safe enough to eat, yet tough on bugs. Sold by the pound. 1 order is equal to 1 pound

Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth

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Diatomaceous earth is an all natural bug killer and repellent. Safe enough to eat, yet tough on bugs. Use in the worm bin or on your garden flowers and vegitables. Safe for you and safe for your worms. Other DE brands may not be. A unique, naturally occurring mineral deposit which typically contains 65% Diatomaceous Earth (skeletal remains of algae) and 35% Montmorillonite (calcium rich volcanic deposit). This is different than other DE. This product is safe for YOU and safe for your worms! Other DE may not be. Worms Etc uses this product to reduce fruit fly and other insect populations. It is an all natural solution for a big problem.To use just spread a very fine layer on the surface of the worm bed. It does not take much at all, but it is completely safe for the worms. Before we used it at worms Etc we tried growing worms in highly concentrated mixture of diatomaceous and bedding. The worms just ate it like any other bedding. Diatomaceous earth is also very useful for control of pest on plants. Instead of using chemical pesticides in your garden, especially if it is for consumption, try using diatomaceous earth. It is very effective and completely benign. Some people even put it on their cereal in the morning for arthritis or other ailments. Worms Etc is not suggesting this however. This is food grade diatomaceous. Do not use pool filter media diatomaceous earth, as it is different. From the manufacture: Red Lake Earth is completely [safe as a feed additive]. It is OMRI-listed feed grade diatomaceous earth containing 36 trace minerals & a hint of Montmoriillinite which is a known binder of mycotoxins or mold. FEED: RLE is a natural feed thru fly control for all animals. The diatoms under 500 X magnification look like broken shards of glass. Please keep in mind when a jeweler looks at a diamond he/she is utilizing a mere 10 loop. So these sharp edges are very teeny. The edges knick the fly larvae & their jelly-like eggs they drain & they die. Mushroom farmers use RLE in their (you know what) growing mix to prevent the larva eating their mushrooms. Unfortunately, animals receive lower grade goods in their feed & Mother Nature's weather can be a factor in how much mycotoxins are in them. All corn, silages, hay, straw, beet pulp etc contain some mycotoxins. Montmorillinite is the leading pharmaceutical ingredient in scour treatments for animals. Montmotillinite is a non-swelling clay. Think Milk of Magnesia, it is clay for flu like symptoms in humans. People, as well as, animals die from the quick loss of electrolytes with the flu or scours. We were able to save a $10,000 show calf the vet had given up on.... in less than a few hours. TOPICALLY: Diatomaceous earth naturally controls fleas, flies, ants, earwigs roaches, etc. Chickens love to dust in RLE. Want to see something funny pour out a bag of RLE for an emus. Add RLE to all types of bedding, under dog pillows or straw in stalls & dog houses, bird houses for lice etc. Some people eat a teaspoon of Red Lake Earth on yogurt or chunky applesauce.

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