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Matthew Wilson Owner Worms EtcWorms Etc is more than just a worm farm and a retail site online. Worms Etc is my (Matthew Wilson) company which I started as a result of my interest in farming and gardening. Furthermore it developed out of a time of necessity. For years my mom was sick with M.S. and I did not want to work a job which would keep me away and unavailable to help her, so I started this business in the backyard of my home. Fortunately, I already owned plenty of land and had much of the necessary skills and equipment. While finishing my last year of college I laid the foundations for this webpage and started the first worm bed. Sadly, my mom passed away May 10th, 2011. She always enjoyed hearing how the worm farm was going. When things were successful she rejoiced with me and when things were difficult she prayed with me.

Worms Etc is expanding rapidly to meet the high demand for compost worms. As of 2011 we are focusing on expanding the production and sells of worm castings. Worm casting is an amazing product. Only recently have studies proven the value of worm castings, but farmers have long known about them.

On our website you will find a blog detailing my experiences as a worm farmer. Worms Etc Blog

Also we have a web forum that you are invited to join. There you may ask questions and review the answeres and comments of others. Worms Etc Forum