Best single food item for red wiggler worms or european nightcrawlers
  • If you could pick one food item that is just a great food item for worms like cornmeal oatmeal coffee grounds egg shells lettuce spinach etc what food item is just a great food item that a worm bin operator should try and include in their worm bin once a week or so?
  • Rabbit manure! It makes red wiggler worms breed like... well rabbits!
  • Matthew I was out hiking and found lots of deer manure in the woods.  I was able to find so much because we have approximately a foot and a half of snow in the park near my home in NY  which led me to follow deer tracks (there are lots of deer in this park) and on top of the snow was piles of manure pellets.  So I bagged em up being the strange bird that I am (always thinking of me worms).    So you said any non carnivorous animals manure should work fine.  Well I have some follow up questions to that.     Do I need to age this manure?  or can I just add a little at a time?   Could this manure be a complete food   or keep adding food scraps along with the manure?   My basement is chilly  high 40's low 50's so even if the manure heats up a little (which not sure if it will as I still confused about the whole composting process???   Will the manure contain beneficial bacteria for my worm bin?   Will it cause my worm bin to smell bad as I have it in my basement and my wife will throw me and the worms out in the snow if it starts to stink?     this time of year not sure how nutrient rich the deer manure are as they are limited in what they have to eat  acorns seem to be atop their menu with a little side order of bark     So while I wait for your reply I have the manure in my backyard still bagged up and frozen    I appologize in advance for the million questions    I enjoy asking questions obviously   
  • That's correct, as far as I know any non carnivore's poop is good worm chow. The exception to this would be domesticated animals that have been medicated with dewormer.
    If you add a little at a time you should be OK without aging it first. Manure by itself is a complete worm food and is one of the easiest feeds for them.

    Here is the thing about compost piles and heating they tend not do a whole lot of heating when they are cold and unfortunately after a pile gets to a certain temperature it will start to heat more. The other side to this is that the amount a compost pile heats is controlled in large by its size. It usually takes a critical mass to make a pile heat up. They are exceptions to this, such as high nitrogen material. They will heat even in small amounts. With adding smaller amounts of fresh material often, it should allow for a small amount of heating, just like you need. In short, it takes a little experience to learn about this. Yes the manure should have plenty of beneficial bacteria in it.

    There is a possibility that it will stink. I am not sure about deer poop, but most poop tends to stink :p Should have plenty of nutrition for the worms though.

  • Ok added several deer manure pellets to my bin    will let you know how that goes   thanks for the info 
  • Matthew,    I fed my 1lb of worms   deer manure pellets     followed your advice and just gave them about 6 large deer manure pellets and the worms seemed as happy as a pig in poop    the deer manure pellets were frozen as I gathered them from snow    I put them directly into the worm bin in this condition   checked on it several hours later and the worms were already at them before they were even totally thawed out    checked 2 days later all pellets gone  and the worms were all clustered around where I placed the deer pellets  so I just added about half cup of deer pellets   they really seem to love this food!!   can I just feed this to my worms or mix in food scraps  ground egg shells etc?   Also I read on another site that by adding new paper bedding and ground egg shells this will control ph in a more natural way then by adding lime   what's your take on that?   Thanks  and hope you are enjoying your new year!!
  • By adding deer manure to worm bin  does that cause rapid colonization of friendly bacteria in worm bin   do the worms actually feed on the bacteria   or does the bacteria just help making bedding and other food   into a substance they can eat?
  • Hey John,
    I think it does increase good bacteria. I have heard that worms only feed on the bacteria, but I don't believe that to be the case. You can watch worms take in little bits of actual food into their mouths.

    How do you like the new green and brown color scheme? I am going to be working to make the whole website match this color layout.
  • colors look good
  • Matthew I was looking around for what you told another member about some of your ingredients you put in your worm chow   did I read correctly that you add lime   if so does that mean then you don't have to worry about ph when feeding the worms your worm chow? 
  • That is correct. It is balanced to have enough limestone in it for normal usages. If a lot where added all at once then the it could still sour.
  • does adding small amounts of food at a time  aid in keeping ph in check?   should additional moist high carbon bedding like newspaper and cardboard be added along with food from time to time to also aid in natural ph buffer? 
  • The red wrigglers.and malasian blues prefer horse manure. My euros seem to prefer layers of leaves and precompost
  • Frank I have seen that too. The euros are happy just chewing on leaves or paper as something else.
  • Naturally sweet foods like bananas, cantaloupes, watermelons, and avocado skins are a great food source for worms.
  • My worms LOVE cooked corn on the cob that has set for a week or two in zip bags. I score down the middle of each row with box cutter, learned they can get at the corn inside easier.
    Here's the real kicker, I picked up a corn cob and the worms hung from the bottom, I mean hundreds of worms, mostly the babies.Soooooooo  now, that is how I transfer lots of clean small worms to a new bed.
    This time of year I buy frozen corn on the cob, no need to cook this.
    You can transfer lots of worms with 2 or 3 corn on cob.
  • Hello

    Harold here and I am a new person on this forum,have a few questions before my 3000 + EH's get here

    Is potting mix used for bedding,will paper substain them long periods.


  • Harold, Good to meet you. Most potting soils are acceptable as bedding, but I cannot say for sure that all will work. Paper by itself will keep them alive for a good time, but they will grow very slowly without some other source of protein. You should mix in some food scrap or similar items.
  • Hi Matthew

    Please send to your list NO potting soil, no food value in it ,lost About1/2-1/4 in two totes,  Have them in bedded down in coir for now and they seem to be OK.

    Lesson learned the hard way, will talk later I thank everyone who put info in this forum ,have learned a lot

    in last month about worms, please forgive spelling and grammar had to work not go to school.



  • Certainly coir is excellent. Glad your worms are doing good now.
  • I have society finches.  Can I use their seed leftovers and droppings as a food source?  
  • Hello, I'm brand new to the site. I have a question. When raising night crawlers, is the ink bad for them that is in newspapers?
  • Riliner,
    Will colored newspaper ink harm my worm bin is a common question I am asked. Most ink in newspaper is made from soybean oil. Soybean oil is a great feed for worms, so no the ink is actually a great feed for the worms.
  • Nettieg, I have tried using bird litter and bird seed for my worm bins and I have found that is works ok, but the seeds tend to sprout. Also the seeds are a concentrated source of protein so a little goes a long way. But yes bird litter is a good worm food overall.
  • I used a mixture of used bird seed husks,horse poo,dead leaves and cardboard (Chopped up into small pieces)  for levels in my three non feeding trays.  the worms seem to spend a good bit of time in these trays... is that good or bad?  (New chum to worm farming).. 
  • Ok, newbe at worm farming here! So I have a house rabbit who's 5 and he roams freely and is litter box trained and uses yesterday news litter, a recycled news paper turned into pellets ( only littler he has ever taken to), well can I put the litter and rabbit droppings in there, but he urinates in there too, will the pee mess with the ph in the bin?
  • So I have a half of a five gallon bucket with dampened shredded news paper, i was saving my egg shells (like 4 dozen and pulverized them in a blender, then I had a box of grit left from my bird who flew the coop cause my kids had the door hanging open and I added the box and Peat moss. Should I add any thing else to the bedding to help my worms thrive when they get here any day now?????

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