• Matthew I have posted several comments but they don't seem to appear anywhere when I look under my username in members section it doesn't show that I have posted any any idea what I could be doing wrong I am new to worming and blogging thanks
  • Ok now under members it has registered that I just added 2 posts so whatever I was doing wrong before I guess I corrected it
  • It is possible that you were a victim of me and my doing some site maintenance, but I am uncertain. Sometimes if I am typing a long post I will copy it to a word processor in case it doesn't get uploaded correct. At least then it is not all lost.

    Who would have ever thought that by becoming a worm farmer I would by necessity need to learn computer programing? I have been trying to add new features to the forum such as a button to click and upload pictures. You can add pictures now, but they have to be hosted else where and simply linked to on this forum. Hopefully it won't take me to long to get this feature working correctly.

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