• Some more questions.

    1) Is slick paper such as magazines and thin printed cardboard okay for bedding?

    2) I read that starch such as rice and pasta aren't really as good thing to feed worms, at least for novices, yet I read about feeding cornmeal, what is the deal? What about starchy things such as cornmeal, grits, and oatmeal


    Panhandle Tex
  • Printed cardboard seems to be ok but for worm bedding the glossy surface does not seem to decompose well. Stay away from glossy paper, a small amount is provably ok.

    Rice and pasta both do seem to give troubles as worm feed. I am not sure why but they just seem to cause troubles and ferment in the worm bin. Corn meal is ok if spread thin on the surface. Small amounts of rice and pasta are fine to just use small amounts.
  • Matt,

    Sort of what I thought on the glossy cardboard and the glossy paper.

    Is oatmeal (uncooked) a good worm food, I have a part of a box with wevils.


    Panhandle Tex
  • Yeah it works pretty well. Worms really like it.

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