getting started with worms
  • I've had my worms a couple of weeks and they seen to be doing good,but today I could only find about 6 worms in my box,they couldn't have gotten out because my box has a top.the weather has been realy hot could that be it?? My box is 4ftx30in.and the walls are 24inches high.I put about 4in.of top soil,about6in. of swretted news paper and about 4in. of grass clipings.went fishing Sat,night and had lots of worms,I used about 2doz.
  • The wiggler worms will bury as deep as they can get when it gets hot. Try looking down deep. Let us know.

    I would not put more than an a half inch of grass clipping in the worm bin at a time, especially when it is hot because the clippings will get hot. If the clippings are heating then blame that for the missing worms.