Show me your bin!
  • So now you are a worm rancher. You have a clew of worms. Tell me about your squirm's bin, is it a DIY or a boughten one? What do you like and dislike about it? What will your next one be like?

    C'mon, show me your bin!

    My first bin was a black one, the kind with the hinged lids that shut loosely interlocking over the top. But now I have a homemade flow through bin made from a 45 gal garbage can with wheels.

    I like that someday I will be able to get the vermicompost out the bottom, but I don't like that it is rather hard to see the worms, since they hang out at the bottom of the compost area, near the bars. But it is easy to use, and has a small footprint. Right now it is on the back porch, and this winter I think it will wheel into the basement without too much trouble. I hope.
  • Hello I have one bin right now a home made one... I like it but as someone said you cannot see your worms so you don't know if they are all dead or what. I dig around to see what is going on but I have no idea of the number of worms I have left. I have only had my bin about a month now. I'm worried about the heat her in Miami Fl it was 97 on Sunday. My bin is outside, my husband didn't want it inside because of he gnats.
  • Hello great idea for a discussion. You can add pictures but the process is hard to explain so just make a post and then send me the picture and I will upload it for you. Thanks

    E-mail Me

    You should be able to see plenty of worms though?
  • i need another been bo ho lol
  • My first bin was a commercial one sold by Carolina Biological Supply. It came with the "Worms Eat my Garbage" book. I still use this bin, which is about 2 ft. long, by 1.5 ft deep and wide. I also have used open 10 inch bins with just wet newspaper over the top to keep moisture in. I have also used large plastic bins, and even a styrofoam cooler. I've noticed that it is tooooo easy to overfeed with the deeper bins. This is definately something I need to deal with if we do lunchroom waste at school.
  • hi Karinr my name is greg a good rule of tumb is not to feed the worms no more than thy can eat in 24 hours well lets just say thats what i do and i have never over feed my worms.
  • Hi guys. I just put together my first bin. It is a 4'X 2' X 2' rubber maid bin bought at Home Depot. I poked holes in the bottom and sat it on the lid. I filled it 2/3 of the way up with swamp mud then put about an inch of really crumbled up dried leaves on top then I wet the leaves down. the swamp mud came from an old mound in the middle of a creek on my property and is really wet. I found quite a bit of wild red wrigglers in the mud.I am as green as a worm farmer can get. How close did I get to starting a worm bin. Did I do the right thing by putting at least 18' of black wet dirt on the bottom. Now that I have had time to read how other people put together their bins I think I am way off track. Should I start over from scratch. Another Question I have is, Can I use dried leaves as food. I live in a very, very wooded area. I don't think I would ever run out of dried oak leaves. Or, are leaves just for bedding. Do worms eat the bedding? I have a million questions
  • Well maybe you are not to far off swamp mud is not really mud but partly decomposed organic matter. Leave make a great bedding and yes the worms do eat the bedding. You provably can keep worms in leaves alone but the growth will be a little slow due to a lack of protein. Ask away the questions are great.
  • Hi, I am Amber thinking of buying some worms (first time) to compost for my big garden. I planned to use a big old fish tank (55 gallon, 1 feet wide, 1.5 feet tall and 3 feet long). But it is made of heavy glass and cannot be drilled for holes on the bottom. Is that a problem? It has cover that can be lift up.

    I also have styrofoam coolers that can be used, is that better?

    How big a container do I need for one pound of worms? I intend to put it in the basement with temperature around 60 0F's. How much compost can I get each week with one pound of worms, I have sufficient shredded newspaper, cardboard and food scraps.


  • Amber,
    The fish tank will provably work. Just be careful not to let them get too wet. Leaving the lid off will help this. The styrofoam coolers will work also. I know many people that use styrofoam coolers.

    A pound of worms only need a container about two square feet in size. So a foot long and two feet wide, with about any depth over 6 inches should work.

    You should be able to get a pound or so of castings per week.
  • Hi to all, my name is Gilbert and I'm setting up a 'worm bin' on a 55 gallon barrel. I got the idea from the NET and is very easy.  Hopefully will get my worms happy (guest where I order them from!) so they can reproduce and convert al my kitchen scraps, shredded newspaper, cardboard, etc. into "black gold" "worm castings" so I can fertilize my plants and veggies.  Here is a picture.

  • Hey people, I'm so exited! I got my worms today.  I set-up them in the bin and hopefuly everything will be OK.  Here is a picture of the barrel.

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