worm eggs
  • ok here i go i first started my red worm farm back in 1996 but sence i hade back out it for health reason bad heart and cancer okthat anough om me theres this older man. name luckey mayes in happy chick worms farm he got me started in worms the good man has pass away but sence then someone told me that if i touch a worm it will not hatch the worm has to pass over it to be fertile. is this true are false? please help me with problem god bless and thanks
  • sorry worm eggs
  • i was told if i touch the worm egg it will not hatch the has to pass over the egg and the worm will not touch if i touch it true are false
  • As far as I know it is not a problem to touch them.
  • what do baby worms look like? I have some small white looking things that look like worms, do you think they are?
  • in a few days you should be seeing some pinkish at the tail of the worm.
  • ok I have some little white worms or at least I hope they are worms. How do you know if they are babies
  • If they have at least a little pink to them they are worms. Sounds like they worms to me.
  • Had a cool experience recently. Saw a worm just lying on top of the bedding at midday. Looked like it had a segment of its body about ready to fall off. Closer inspection revealed it was ejecting a coccoon! What a rare treat for me! Worm was fine about 10 minutes later and so was the coccoon!!
  • Lucky you. I have been looking to see a worm lay an egg cocoon that for a while and have yet to see it happen. Awesome.

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