About Worms Etc
Goals for Worms
Produce worms for bait and composting.
Produce innovative packaging.
Produce a high quality soil amendment.
Reduce waste disposal cost for local businesses.
Help local farmers become more productive.
Use information gained from research to help feed the starving in the developing world.
Use relationship gained to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the developing world.
Worms Etc
3148 Cannon Rd
Greer, SC USA
Phone 864-430-5869
Research Projects
Currently we are
1. Trying various bins that can be made cheaply in the developing world.
2. Studying the effects of various bedding and food stocks.
3. Examining replacement of synthetic fertilizers with vermicastings.
4. Studying the practicality of parallel product creation for the developing world.
5. Developing new user friendly packaging for fishing worms.
6. Looking for creative ideas from you our customers
A couple of views on the farm
Experimental solar collector on top of the breeder house. It is used to bring the beds up to optimum temperature during winter.
Worms Etc produces flow through worm beds, and harvesters with the goal of making high quality commercial equipment that is cost effective. We sale red worms because we believe that the best way to develop farm equipment is to run an actual farm.